Strategic Consulting

Leveraging Technology Innovation for a Competitive Advantage

Strategic Consulting offers an independent market vision for helping customers to make intelligent choices according to their real needs.With a special focus on data storage and complex IT infrastructure projects, Strategic Consulting helps companies by leveraging emerging solutions and technologies to reduce costs, improve efficiency and protect data intelligently in relation to their importance over the time. Strategic Consulting offerings include competitive products analysis, with a focus on technology vendors. We conduct critical market research, customer requirement analysis, competitive analysis and product differentiation to help companies to choose the best solutions for their need.

With a growing list of satisfied customers, Strategic Consulting is expanding rapidly and is looking to take on larger and more challenging projects.Whether it is project management or a pure IT-expertise-based consulting requirement, you will find that Strategic Consulting has the skill set and experience required to meet your specific needs in data storage and complex IT infrastructures.

We are an IT company dedicated to providing consulting services that offer a strategic combination of storage technologies and solutions expertise and infrastructure knowledge, including best practice for data assessment.
We realize that in today’s expanding and varied global marketplace, no single solution meets all needs.
The key, therefore, is to understand the precise requirement of each IT context and to leverage technology and innovative solutions to address the specific requirements of each customer.
This translates into a dedicated process-based approach for each of our tasks in this specific area.